Our model

Bighous was set up for one purpose - to make a difference to those in need. We believe we have developed a tested model that allows us to work with our partners to give life chances to those who are reliant on support to change their life. With over 50 units already housing tenants in Liverpool and London, we believe our model provides a number of solutions in the marketplace:

  • Many charities are looking for a property/investment partner to solve their housing challenges.

  • A range of investors are looking for lower-risk vehicles that allow for financial growth and proven social impact.

  • Bighous buys existing property cheaply (often at auction), refurbishing it quickly (usually in under 3 months) we have it ready for rent in a short time period.

  • We work with our charity partners ahead of purchase to establish their needs – often with letter of intent in place.

  • Once refurbished, we re-mortgage properties at new market price, releasing equity to support further acquisition, building investment opportunities. This allows us to diversify our risk and provide greater impact nationally.

  • We enter into lease arrangements with established charities to guarantee income. Rents and maintenance are underpinned by Government funding policy and underwritten by the charities.

  • The social impact model can flex due to long-term partnerships with charities that reflect their changing needs.

Our accommodation

We work with our partners to source the most appropriate accommodation for their tenants. This allows the Bighous team to find, plan and renovate each home to the highest standards but also to tailor them accordingly to our partner’s needs. In this way, the tenants can begin to take the steps they need to move forward and we benefit from the increase in value of each property. This provides a solid foundation for change and for a robust financial return.

While we keep the addresses of our properties confidential, the following pictures provide an insight into the level of accommodation tenants benefit from.

Bighous bedroom.jpg
Bighous bathroom.jpg
Bighous kitchen.jpg