Meet our team

Our experienced team has been tailored specifically to meet and deliver on the needs of our clients, their tenants and investors.


Our senior team is supported by a consortium of professionals including building experts and community delivery partners. We work at a local, regional and national level to ensure we plan, develop and delivery exactly what is needed on the ground.

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Paolo Casamassima

Founder and CEO of Bighous


With over 10 years experience in the financial service industry, Paolo has a wealth of knowledge in institutional equity ownership analysis and perception studies.


As founder of Bighous, his passion for 

The author of 'I'll Get That Job!', a book on modern job-hunting and interview techniques.

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Nick Arbuthnott 

Director of Public Relations 

With a BA degree in History from the University of Oxford, Nick has spent 25 years, working in Finance.


Specializing in Investor Relations Management and Product Development between Capital Markets and Corporates in the provision of IR services, IR & CRM platforms,analytics & intelligence to corporate users based on regular interaction with sell side for M&A, issuance,corporate broking and corporate access

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Paul Evans

Regional Manager

Paul has over 15 years experience working within the real estate market.


During the span of his career, Paul has overseen more than 70 refurbishment projects and now currently manages over 200 properties.