The Theory of Change

& Beyond Housing

 Did you know? 


  • There are currently 1 million people on the social housing waiting list for social housing

  • Homelessness is linked to a cycle of drug & alcohol abuse crime, prostitution, etc.

  • Create a safe environment for people and work with them and charities to encourage            and maximise positive outcomes

  • We plan to redevelop 100+ properties per year and supply additional 300+ beds in       across one-bed flats and shared accommodation


When we succeed in accomplishing the above, we are doing two key things, which we know to be critical in our support of the local social housing system.


We will help tackle the housing crisis and make a positive impact in the local communities


 We will make an impact in the quality of life of 300 individuals per year, increasing their chances of being reintegrated into society



We'd also like to see ourselves go, "beyond housing". By implementing our strategy of "beyond housing" we believe we will be able to;

Develop solutions with both our charity partners and our tenants and by identifying their needs and meeting them rapidly, we are working with charity partners to pinpoint how  Bighous can supplement their social impact with ours.


In partnership with our Build & Social Partners, we will selectively pick tenants of Bighous properties and integrate them into our building teams, refurbishing and developing the next set of Bighous project homes. 


We are also actively looking to work with tenants who can: 

      - help develop 3-way collaboration between Bighous, charity & tenants
      - make each new project more impactful for tenants
      - help develop metrics for social impact assessment
      - help roll out and improve the next phases of projects by identifying properties and partners and          playing a full part in implementing Bighous’ evolving plans.


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