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Our model

Bighous has developed a tested model that allows us to work with charities, investors and landlords to give life chances to those who are facing difficult challenges to change their life

How it works?

We’ve tested our model in London and Manchester and are working to expand our locations

Step 1

We buy existing property that is often in disrepair and in urgent need of renovation, bring in our team who will fully renovate (usually in under 3 months and have it ready for our charity partners to find tenants. 


We begin working with our charity partners ahead of purchase to establish their needs and ensure that every property is fit for purpose and completed to the best standard possible.

Step 2

Once refurbished to a high standard, we remortgage
properties at new market price,
releasing equity to support further acquisition and
building investment opportunities.
This allows us to diversify our risk and provide
greater impact nationally.

Step 3

We enter into lease arrangements with established charities to guarantee income. Rents and maintenance are underpinned by Government funding policy and underwritten by the charities.

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