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A unique way for investors to make financial return while creating positive social impact.

Why invest with Bighous?

An ambitious social business, we deliver an effective solution to the chronic problem of poor housing stock and increasing numbers needing housing. Uniquely, we work with charity partners from the start to identify suitable distressed housing stock that could fulfil their needs.

Once identified, we purchase and renovate it to the charity’s requirements,  before leasing to them, enabling them to house the most vulnerable members of society.

In six years, we have already delivered over £4m worth of housing assets across the country, working with renowned charities.

Where else can your investment grow while the social impact grows alongside it as it is invested in a bigger portfolio? Investors in the Bighous projects will be making a significant social contribution while increasing the value of their investment.

The housing system is broken and can only be solved by external providers and investors to meet the growing need in the UK. The Government do not have enough capital or investment to improve the situation. The situation can only be resolved through innovative models of investment from external sources.

Make a difference

Get involved

If you would like to learn more about the investment opportunities with Bighous, please get in touch

What makes us different

Untapped Resources

There are over 600,000 vacant properties in the UK, many of which are uninhabitable or unsuitable. There is  huge untapped resources for change


Unique Model

Bighous is the only provider in its market to reinvestincreased asset value to make a bigger impact and more robust offer for its investors


Guaranteed Income

Rents provided by charity partners to Bighous are underpinned by Government funding and policy. This ensures income for investors throughout the 3-7 year contract


How it works

The unique Bighous model recycles and reinvests capital after each completed project, allowing us to grow in scale. We extract the rising value in redeveloped assets to redeploy to new projects increasing our impact on those most in need. At the same time rental agreements signed with our charity partners and backed by Government  revenue, provide an ongoing profit stream to satisfy investor requirements. Others in our market look to deploy capital once to address the housing problem, often in the form of long-term new build assets. We believe this is an inefficient solution to a growing problem hindering the opportunity for scale, change and most importantly, impact.

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