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Our impact

The housing system is broken and can only be solved by external providers and investors to meet the growing need in the UK

Everyone deserves
a home

Having a “home” rather than simply “accommodation” creates a sense of stability, and a real desire and focus to reintegrate and contribute back to society. Our aim is to help anyone who identifies with the following:

• Homeless
• Substance abusers
• Ex-offenders
• Physically or mentally challenged
• Asylum seekers
• Orphans
• Victims of family abuse


Reintegration of the vulnerable

To avoid creating slum areas and help reintegrate vulnerable persons into society, we ensure that we buy limited stock on each road; for example, no more than one small block of flats.


Circular Economy

We focus on the concept of "Circular Economy”, as opposed to creating waste of resources, by purchasing distressed properties and renovating them to a high standard.


Partnering with Charities & Tenants

Bighous and our charity partners always work with the tenants to ensure they get any additional support that they need, such as counselling, work training and education.

What makes us different

Our accommodations

We work with our partners to source the most appropriate accommodation for their tenants. This allows the Bighous team to find, plan and renovate each home to the highest standards but also to tailor them accordingly to our partner’s needs.

In this way, the tenants can begin to take the steps they need to move forward and we benefit from the increase in value of each property. This provides a solid foundation for change and for a robust financial return.

Whilst we keep the addresses of our properties confidential, the following pictures provide insight into the level of accommodation tenants benefit from.

Supporting Compassion

In addition to the 80 vulnerable adults we currently house in the Bighous properties, we also support 5 children and their families globally through the Compassion UK programme 

Through Bighous, our goal is to expand our sponsorships and provide for more children across the globe and have a greater impact on the world we live in.

For more information on the Compassion UK programme, click below.

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