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The UK has a fundamental housing crisis. There is no mainstream solution.

The UK has a fundamental housing crisis.

Bighous provides a unique solution to poor quality housing for the vulnerable in society. The system is broken in the UK leaving many vulnerable people at risk without a safe to stay and rehabilitate.

• Significant evidence shows that housing is core to supporting and improving the lives of the most vulnerable.
• Bighous matches its expertise in housing investment with expert partners in care to help create new lives for the most vulnerable in society.

How it works

The unique Bighous model recycles and reinvests capital after each completed project, allowing us to grow in scale. We extract the rising value in redeveloped assets to redeploy to new projects increasing our impact on those most in need. At the same time rental agreements signed with our charity partners and backed by Government revenue, provide an ongoing profit stream to satisfy investor requirements. Others in our market look to deploy capital once to address the housing problem, often in the form of long-term new build assets. We believe this is an inefficient solution to a growing problem hindering the opportunity for scale, change and most importantly, impact.

Get involved

If you would like to learn more about the landlord opportunities with Bighous, please contact us

Get involved

If you would like to learn more about becoming a Bighous landlord partner, please get in touch with us. 

Get in touch with us and provide us with the address of your rental property


Once we have your property location and specification, we will liaise with the various charities to verify whether it meets any of their current rental requirements


If the property is suitable and meets the criteria required, we will manage the property and ensure that your rental income is secure for a minimum of 3 years


Do you own a BTL property & need secure rental income for 3+ years?

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